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Music therapy updated November 2021 

Update November 2021

This offer is still available from November 2021.

With many years of professional teaching and performing experience, I will now be offering my services to Care Homes and any other establishments where there is a need for music therapy.

This will be offered complimentary within the Lisburn and Belfast area. 

My sessions of music will last around an hour each and I will be performing as a soloist, socially distanced. 

Live music can bring so much happiness to Care Home and hospital patients and pupils with special educational needs. Having seen the positive effect the violin music can have on people, this is something I will be focusing on for the near future. 

Another project that will be taking place as soon as a suitable location can be found (after it is hopefully agreed by the local council) will be music classes for the children and families of those who have lost loved ones due to Coronavirus.

Working with small groups and using different instruments these sessions will be interactive and uplifting. Using a combination of the piano/keyboard, guitar, violin, tin whistle, recorder, voice, percussion and backing tracks, there will be something for everyone. 

These projects will benefit mental health and create a sense of togetherness for those taking part.

If you have any interest in any of these projects please do get in touch. Initially there many be only a small demand but numbers may increase quickly with the classes being free of charge.


Please note Eimear is not a qualified music therapist but is a qualified Secondary school music teacher. 

For all enquiries please contact