1. Come Home
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Copyright Eimear Bradley Music 2007
All rights reserved

Musicians on track:

Sound engineer: Mark Walker
Lenny Whitehead: Guitar
Wayne Morgan: Bass
Drums: Vinnie Pearson

Recorded at Frog Studios in Warrington UK (Analogue recording)
Vocals, fiddle, whistle: Eimear Bradley


Come Home

I Just can't sleep, when you're not here,

Thoughts spinning round and round, 

and I can't speak,
Each Breath I take, 

Reminds me of you

The still of night, The minutes drag, 

I'm longing for your touch, 

It's 6 am and the dawn chorus sweetly chimes, 

When will you come home?

Was it a dream?
Please, say it's true, 

You're on your long way home,

'cause I twist and turn and in the night I am so so blue,
Please Lord, send him home

Days are long, Nights go on, Dreaming Dreams, I cry out for you...

A brand new day, you're still not here, 

Whispers from above 

And I hear you say 'Miss me but let me go'

And my cold, cold tears they flow...

So I'll miss you and let you go.

Word and music composed by Éimear Bradley