‘The Jewelled Sky’ composition by Éimear Bradley

Éimear has been writing songs and instrumentals for many years and in 2011 Éimear was a
semi finalist in the UK Songwriting competition with her song 'Tommy'.

Her song 'This Time' was highly commended.

Her music has been described as, 
'Folk-tronicaIrish Femme-pop, bursting with sweet melodies,

chock-full of hooks!'


Below is Éimear’s own album of songs and compositions (composed & recorded in 2007).

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    Plans 3:51
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    Tommy 3:32
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'Come Home' was the first song Eimear composed in 2006.

At the time Eimear was in a brilliant and highly respected professional 7 piece Irish/country/folk band in the North-west England, called 'The Bogtrotters' alongside lead singer Tim Flaherty.

Éimear regularly played up and down the UK with the band as their lead violinist and backing vocalist. With the band she toured the UK's top theatres with 'The Essence of Ireland' music and dance show. 

Tim, the lead singer, had great success in the US country music charts in the 70's with his band, 'Poacher'.

'The Bogtrotters' were recording their album in a top Warrington recording studio. Éimear was offered some studio time to lay down her first solo song, 'Come Home' (which was composed within an evening). 

The talented musicians who played on her song were from the band;

Wayne Morgan,

Len Whitehead,

Vinnie Pearson


Mark Walker (Mark was also the engineer for the track). 

There was no studio time available to mix the track or think too much about the arrangement, hence why there is a lot going on instrumentally within the song. 

The video was the idea of an extremely creative Warrington producer's. His vision lead the video to looking mysterious and eery.
'...The setting/imagery within the video reminds me of Queen's university in Belfast.' adds Eimear.

Éimear has many new songs and instrumentals composed and these will be on the website in the near future.