R.I.P Gerry Anderson

I was very sad to hear that BBC Radio Ulster presenter, Gerry Anderson passed away two days ago. I'm sure a lot of people will miss Gerry. He had a massive following of radio listeners. In England we would often listen back to the show that he did alongside Sean Coyle. It was so entertaining. The banter between Gerry, Sean and the listeners was fantastic. I was in contact with Joel Simon at the time, the creative director of Flickerpix. He and his team created a wonderful visual version of the BBC Radio show, through both 2D and stop-motion animation. See the link at the bottom.

I was writing and recording a lot of songs and instrumentals in England and I thought I would approach Gerry and ask if he would consider playing my music. He emailed straight back and asked me to send him a copy. I sent him the cd and wondered if he would play it. He aired it the next day, as soon as it arrived. He emailed me and said he loved 'Aisling's Lullaby', which I was so pleased about. It was a home recording and we had still to perfect it but we thought it was worth sending anyway to see what the feedback would be like. I then sent him other tracks and he aired them; 'Raw Commotion', 'Buzz, Craic, Banter' and my instrumental, 'Giant's Causeway and the coast road'. It was kind of him to air the tracks considering I was starting out as a writer. It gave me the motivation to write more! Gerry invited me in for an interview one Friday but I was flying back to England that day so couldn't go :(.

I still am working on re-recording my material. It takes a long time to get compositions to a stage where you think that they are good enough. I have always written for myself, for the fun of it! I have recently bought recording equipment. I plan on recording a lot more over the next few years and taking my pieces to the next stage... I am always looking for producers and new people who are interested in recording for future collaborations.

If it wasn't for Gerry Anderson airing my songs, I may not have continued to write or compose. It meant a lot that he liked my music enough to air it. I am sure Gerry Anderson will be missed immensely by his family and friends. He had a wonderful spirit, charisma and sense of humour.

May he rest in peace.

'On the Air'